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Discover all the great dog friendly places in your neighborhood or when planning your next road trip! Slobbr let's you Live Life with Your Dog - so get Slobbring!

Each check-in through the Slobbr App or website generates a donation of food to a shelter dog in need! There is nothing better than feeding a pup in need when you are out living life with your dog.

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Discover Dog
Friendly Places

Discover Dog Friendly Places

Discover all the great dog friendly places in your neighborhood or when planning your next road trip! We provide you with a list of amenities and all the great info you need to Live Life with Your Dog! And don't forget to add your favorite dog friendly places too!

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Check-In &
Donate Kibble

Check-in & Donate Kibble

Each check-in through the App or website triggers a donation of food or product to a worthy doggie-do-good organization! So, just by going to the dog park, you’re helping a shelter dog! We show you each of your check-ins and kibble donations with our kibble counter.

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Meet New

Meet New Pals

When Slobbring in your neighborhood. you're bound to meet some new friends — furry and otherwise! If spontaneity isn't for you - schedule an invite with your in-app friends!

See who's Slobbring!

Slobbr revolutionizes the way you Live Life With Your Dog. From exploring your own neighborhood, venturing out on road trips or sniffing out the best dog-friendly watering holes, Slobbr simplifies life with your dog. Even better, every time you check in we donate half-cup of kibble to a pre-selected rescue or shelter! Do You Slobbr?
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This month, Wellness will donate ½ a cup of kibble each time you check-in on the app, or from your browser at Slobbr.com. Social Tees Animal Rescue is the featured doggie-do-good organization, and will be the beneficiary of the community’s check-ins!

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